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  短篇幼话 快乐的三兄弟

  There were three brothers.They each decided1 to find a precious treasure and meet a year later.

  One year later, the three brothers gathered again. They each boasted about the treasure they had.

  The oldest brother brought a telescope. "I found a telescope which can see far away."

  The second brother brought a flying carpet." I found a flying carpet that can be anywhere."

  The third brother said." I found an apple that cures all diseases."

  The brothers were amazed at the treasures they found. "Let's see what we can do with our treasures now." The brothers all nodded.

  The oldest brother looked through his telescope and saw a palace in the distance. A princess was lying in bed sick. The second opened his carpet and said. "Let's ride this carpet and go to the palace." The three brothers went to the palace on the flying carpet to save the sick princess.

天津治疗癫痫医院哪家效果好   The three brothers met the king and told him why they had some. The king said. "Howcommendable2. If you cure the princess, I will let one of you marry the princess." The youngest brother gave the princess the apple he found..

  The princess had been sick for a long time, but with one bite of the apple, she was cured.

  The king hugged the princess with joy. "Okay, as promised,one of you can marry the princess." The brothers each wanted the other to marry the princess. No matter how pretty and princess was, the brothers thought their loyalty3 was more important.

  The king was moved and gave them gold and silver and high positions. The three brothers lived happily ever after.












  短篇幼儿 海豚、鲸和西鲱鱼

  The dolphins quarrelled with the whales, and before very long they began fighting with one another. The battle was very fierce1, and had lasted some time without any sign of coming to an end, when a sprat thought that perhaps he could stop it; so he stepped in and tried to persuade them to give up fighting and make friends. But one of the dolphins said to him contemptuously, "We would rather go on fighting till we're all killed than bereconciled2 by a sprat like you!"


  短篇幼儿童话故事 牛棚里的雄鹿

  A stag, chased from his lair1 by the hounds, took refuge in a farmyard, and, entering a stable where a number of oxen were stalled, thrust himself under a pile of hay in a vacant stall, where he lay concealed2, all but the tips of his horns. Presently one of the oxen said to him, "What has induced you to come in here? Aren't you aware of the risk you are running of being captured by the herdsmen?" To which he replied, "Pray let me stay for the present. When night comes I shall easily escape under cover of the dark."

  In the course of the afternoon more than one of the farm-hands came in, to attend to the wants of the cattle, but not one of them noticed the presence of the stag, who accordingly began to congratulate himself on his escape and to express his gratitude3 to the oxen. "We wish you well," said the one who had spoken befor成都公立癫痫医院e, "but you are not out of danger yet. If the master comes, you will certainly be found out, for nothing ever escapes his keen eyes."

  Presently, sure enough, in he came, and made a great to-do about the way the oxen were kept. "The beasts are starving," he cried; "here, give them more hay, and put plenty of litter under them." As he spoke4, he seized an armful himself from the pile where the stag lay concealed, and at once detected him. Calling his men, he had him seized at once and killed for the table.





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